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All of our fish is 100% traceable and certified sustainable. Blue Circle Foods works with local partners in singular regions, like the Maldives, to farm and fish seafood using low-impact methods and fair labor practices. Our fish is packed full of good stuff, like omega-3s, and free from bad stuff, like growth hormones and antibiotics. Try our fish and taste the feel good difference!

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon

Award winning, gently cured smoked salmon. Thinly sliced, ready-to-eat, melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Happy Fish

Happy Fish contains just three ingredients; salt, pepper and fish. It is available in Atlantic Salmon or Wild-Caught Cod. Make seafood fun, delicious & healthy!

Ready to Cook Portions

Convenient, flash frozen, insanely fresh seafood portions traceable from shore to plate. Multiple varieties available.

Roasted Salmon

Ready-to-eat, hot smoked salmon portions are flaky and delicious. Available in both peppered and classic varieties.

Atlantic Cod Nutritional Facts

Taste the Difference

With our simple and delicious recipes