Fish for now, fish for the future

blue circle foods farm photograph

Blue Circle Foods is committed to providing responsibly sourced seafood that everyone can enjoy. From pioneering innovative salmon feed that reduces waste to fostering traditional fishing methods that protect wild stocks, we work to produce the highest quality seafood using the highest quality standards.


That mission goes hand in hand with reducing the strain on our environment. We sell frozen fish instead of fresh to cut out the need for overnight flights and reduce our use of carbon-based fuel. We are also working to create more compostable packaging, like our Happy Fish® Cod box, to further reduce our use of plastics. In fact, our Happy Fish® packaging is Forest Stewardship Council certified for using recycled materials.


And when it comes to reducing food waste, we donate fish pound for pound to match our online sales. That means if we sell 10 pounds of fish through our website, we donate 10 pounds to a local food kitchen, like DC Central Kitchen. This takes food that would otherwise be discarded  and turns it into nutritious meals for families in need.


So when we say we’re saving fish for our future, we mean it. From environmentally sound fishing and farming practices, to the most efficient shipping and production methods, to local food kitchen donations, we feel good about our fish and we hope you will too.


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