Blue Circle Foods in Triathlete Magazine

salmon in cast iron skillet

 From reducing the risk of heart disease to helping improve memory, the benefits of subbing seafood for your typical dinner protein can make a real difference for your health. But in a world of scary seafood headlines, it can be daunting to find a choice that’s good for you and the environment. Matthew Kadey, a contributor to Triathlete Magazine and a Registered Dietician, examines the various seafood choices available to today’s consumers and how to make the right choice in his recent article, Why You Should Eat More Seafood This Year. 

He argues that you don’t have to toss back farmed fish just because it’s farmed and you shouldn’t scoff at traceable frozen options. He claims, “The key is to wade through the murky waters and become better informed to make the best choices for you and the planet.” Blue Circle is highlighted as a great option for our smoked salmon and frozen portions, largely because we use simple, clean ingredients and because of our responsible sourcing methods

When picking seafood, there are lots of things to consider but we believe a discerning consumer is the best kind. Being informed about seafood means more than just knowing the health benefits of seafood for you and your family; it means understanding how to eat more fish without harming our environment. 

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