Blue Circle Foods + BioMar

BioMar, our long-term feed partners, share the same innovative energy we do. In response to a successful shrimp partnership they are planning an ambitious expansion in Ecuador. Following strong sales of responsibly raised Ecuadorian shrimp, BioMar is expanding both its physical factory layout, but also the number of available extruded feed lines. This high-performing feed is far more nutritious and far less taxing on environmental factors than traditional feeds.


At Blue Circle Foods, demand for our responsibly raised Raw Pacific White Shrimp echoes this experience. Consumers are becoming more discerning when selecting their food, especially proteins. The questions they ask are focused on where the product comes from and if it contains additives or chemicals. Thanks in large part to the unique BioMar feed, the Blue Circle answer to these questions is reflected in our Feel Good standards; we only source from sustainable locations and never use antibiotics or growth hormones.


In addition to sustainably raised shrimp, we also use BioMar feed when raising our Atlantic Salmon. This feed is especially efficient, using only .08lb of marine resources to product 1 lb of salmon. Plus, this feed is so nutrient dense, our salmon contains double the omega-3s than other salmon on the market. This, combined with our strict traceability and transparency standards mean we have some of the most trusted seafood products available.

Try our shrimp and other sustainable products for yourself.