Feel Good Facts

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There’s a lot of reasons to feel good about your seafood and we’ve outlined a number of them below. Read the facts and join our Feel Good Family! Download PDF

Nutritional Benefits of Seafood

blue circle foods infographic nutritional benefits of seafood

Seafood is a nutrient rich protein that has all sorts of health benefits, from lowering stress and anxiety, increasing children’s IQ and improving memory! Get all the facts below: Download PDF

Facts About Farmed Fish

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Farmed fish sometimes gets a bad rap, but we’d like you to know that it’s not all created equal. Here at Blue Circle Foods, we’re working hard to share the knowledge that farmed fish can be clean, nutritious, AND raised in a way that protects oceans and wild fish stocks. Download PDF

Buy Seafood : Your Top Concerns

blue circle foods infographic feeling good about fish

To celebrate 2019 National Seafood Month, we surveyed 300 U.S. shoppers to find out what people care about when buying fish or seafood. Here’s what we learned! Download PDF

Take the Fear Out of Fish

blue circle foods blog take the fear out of fish

7 tips for buying, storing and cooking frozen seafood With more time spent in the kitchen, people are increasingly looking to different ingredients for inspiration. That includes seafood – sales of canned and frozen seafood are 37% higher than last year, according to IRI Worldwide. If you’re not familiar with buying and cooking seafood, there’s … Read more