Shipping Seafood to Your Front Door

Feel Good Delivery
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Sustainability & Fulfillment

We take sustainability seriously and we recognize that each item sent takes a toll on our environment, so we look to use the most responsible methods for getting our fish from shore to your door.

Our fulfillment center has been delivering frozen food since 2007. We ship from two of their three strategically located centers, all of which are FDA and USDA compliant, to ensure packages can get anywhere in the continental US in 2 days or less. They benefit from underground facilities which make use of a natural, year-round temperature of 58°F, greatly reducing the amount of energy needed to keep perishable items frozen.

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seafood sustainable shipping

Not only that, our shipments use biodegradable green cell packaging made from recycled materials that are easily compostable. We also use dry ice instead of gel packs to reduce the use of plastics and still ensure our products arrive cold!!

Take a peek to see what a box of Blue Circle goodness looks like: