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Feel Good Partners
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Our Farmers

Our family farmers are passionate about constantly improving aquaculture to raise fish more responsibly. They are industry pioneers who work in harmony with the oceans and share our values of transparency, quality, and feel good food.

  • Our deep-water pens contain 98% water and 2% fish. Each 30,000 sq. ft. pen is nearly the size of the White House!
  • We use natural solutions to keep our salmon and shrimp healthy and free of parasites without harmful chemicals.
  • Our feed contains sustainable ingredients like microalgae, recycled trimmings and cleaned fish oil. The end result is cleaner, more nutritious salmon.
Blue Circle Foods Sustainable Fisherman
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Our Fishermen

We work with independent native fishermen from the Maldives, Alaska and Iceland who embrace the highest standards of fishing and fair labor practices to source wild-caught fish using the most ethical and traditional methods available. 

  • Our fish is 100% traceable and sourced from fishermen.
  • We work with singular fishing regions like the Maldives to ensure sustainability, authenticity and fair labor practices.
  • We only use low impact fishing methods that minimize bycatch and protect our oceans.