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We create real solutions to help save fish for our future, while providing nourishing seafood you can feel good about. From our farmers to our fishermen, we are dedicated to sustainable practices, fair labor initiatives, and producing the highest quality seafood available.  

Feel Good Standards

No antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs or synthetic pigments are used in raising or processing our products.

Audited by Trace Register & the IMO to meet strict sustainability & traceability standards.

blue circle foods sustainable practices
Our partners believe in the same sustainable practices we do, from efficient salmon feed to pen size. These family owned farms product the highest quality seafood while saving fish for our future. 
Feel Good Farming
blue circle foods partners
From Norway to the Maldives, our fishermen practice ethical methods to reduce by-catch and keep wild fish populations healthy. These traditional methods produce cleaner fish and cleaner oceans.