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We believe eating seafood should be good for PEOPLE and the PLANET. We provide consumers with clean, nutritious, 100% traceable seafood using sustainable best practices that keep our planet thriving. From convenient portions of fresh, clean fillets to innovative, ready-to-eat products sourced from sustainable ingredients, Blue Circle makes it easy to serve up healthy and delicious seafood.

Feel Good Standards

No antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs or synthetic pigments are used in raising or processing our products.

Audited by Trace Register & the IMO to meet strict sustainability & traceability standards.



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Our team is a small but mighty group of likeminded individuals that are working together to produce delicious seafood that keeps our planet, and our families, thriving.  
blue circle foods sustainable practices
Our partners believe in the same sustainable practices we do, from efficient salmon feed, pen size and ethical fishing practices. These family owned farms and fisheries produce the highest quality seafood while saving fish for our future. 




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We ship products ordered on the website from two strategic locations in the United States and use eco-friendly packaging to reduce time on the road and the strain on our environment.  

Imagine the Source of Feel Good Fish

Our fish are sourced from only the cleanest and healthiest environments, like the pristine water of the Arctic and the wild rivers of Alaska. Our farmers and fishermen are inextricably connected to the health of our planet and the quality of their fish. Blue Circle shares these commitments which means together, we produce fish you can feel good about.

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