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10 Smoked Salmon Brunch Recipes 

Springtime brings budding flowers, seasonal veggies and all the farm-fresh eggs you can handle.  Pair those ingredients with some mouth-watering smoked salmon and you have the makings of another springtime favorite: brunch! We curated some of our tastiest recipes that transform culinary classics into new brunch-time favorites. Be sure to try out our cold-smoked salmon for a sustainable way to enjoy these springtime snacks.

1. Asian Inspired Brunch Board

This brunch board brings together Asian ingredients like soy sauce, sesame seeds, chili paste and edamame combined with smoked salmon for crostinis that are bursting with flavor! Get the recipe


2. Smoked Salmon Amuse-Bouche

Amuse-bouche is hard to say, but these salmon varieties are easy-to-make! Amuse-bouche literally means “a little bit of food” and are generally served to stimulate your appetite before a meal. Try our crostinis (or sub the bread for a cucumber slice) for the perfect pre-meal bites! Get the recipe

3. Poached Eggs + Smoked salmon

Poached eggs are a brunch staple and, spoiler alert, they’re much easier to make than you might think! Paired with lightly seasoned smoked salmon and roasted brussel sprouts, this recipe will have the whole table saying, “Mmmmore!” Get the recipe


4. Smoked Salmon Pinwheels

These whimsical smoked salmon pinwheels are simple to prepare and make the perfect brunch finger-food. Best of all, they can be made the day before and chilled until you’re ready to serve! Get the recipe


5. Bagel and Lox 

No smoked salmon brunch list would be complete without the traditional Bagel and Lox. Keep it simple with red onions, capers and tomatoes or try out different toppings like sprouts, avocados, green olives or even a sunny-side up egg! Get the recipe


6. Smoked Salmon Frittata

Want something a little healthier for your brunch meal? Made with smoked salmon, mushrooms, spinach and fresh herbs, this nutritious breakfast recipe will start your day off right. Get the recipe

7. Smoked Salmon Brunch Board 

This eye-catching charcuterie board features sustainable smoked salmon at the center surrounded by a stunning array of colorful fruits and veggies and delectable dips. Scale up or down depending on the size of your crowd! Get the recipe


8. Smoked Salmon Breakfast Sandwich

Ok, you caught us. This recipe may swing more lunch than brunch, but we can’t say no to an avocado and smoked salmon stuffed sandwich! Layer with arugula, tomatoes, eggs and any of your other favorite toppings for a perfect “breakfast” sandwich. Get the recipe


9. Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

This classic dish gets an upgrade with an extra-luscious cream cheese filling, topped with smoked salmon and capers for a briny, savory finish. Sprinkle with some chopped chives for the perfect presentation. Get the recipe


10. Naan Smoked salmon Flatbread

Featuring sustainable smoked salmon plus classic lox toppings like tomatoes, sliced red onion, capers and fresh dill, this naan bread is a delicious addition to your brunch line-up. Try other toppings like avocado, micro-greens or arugula for multiple variations on this crowd-pleaser. Get the recipe